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DN_credito Jorge Amaral

35 Baker Street, London W1U 8EN 
NatáliaGromicho 29th September- 25th October 2014 
‘I don’t know what my life was without a way to express myself. All my life is written in my works, they speak from my soul’ -NatáliaGromicho

NatáliaGromicho’s work is often concerned with perception and reality. Her canvases are as energetic as the Lisbon streets with desiccating slogans and sunset red riots, and it is easy to see the personal influence of this bright chaotic city. Painted lines scrawl over deserted pastel buildings, the ubiquitous graffiti contrasting with the multiple layers. Gromicho controls temperature and atmosphere as though adjusting a thermostat or volume button. The dialled tones range across canvas from cool-eyed blues to fiery madder hues. Her highly pigmented glazes gloss over boundaries between figures and abstractions, creating a shift in focus and scale. The use of wet and dry brushwork adds to the subtle variations in mood- shiny as slick taillights in the rain, as grubby as the exhaust fumes that blacken the puddles. The recurring image of a headless and armless female mannequin verges on the surreal, and within this metaphysical framework Gromicho paints with an anything-might-happen wildness. Her paintings are slowly piecing together a philosophical mosaic- and with more and more in demand, her unique vision only gets clearer.

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